Focused Trades Breakfast Club

Willing to get up early to improve your trading?

Introducing the Breakfast Club

Get up early and train with a group of like-minded traders before the market opens. For 5 weeks, each morning Breakfast Club members will spend 1.5 hours together as a team, being coached on the FEW things in trading that truly matter, and working as a team to identify and execute on profitable trade opportunities (like our $XLE trade last week, where Focused Trades members made thousands of dollars in profits, with small accounts). 

Options trading, sector-analysis, supply &  demand, swing trading, day-trades, and taking control of emotions will be focused on heavily, in addition to finding the best risk/reward trade opportunities the market has to offer, and staying up-to-date on current market news.




Round 1 kicks off on 4/30, and will be limited to a select-number of participants:

- start date 4/30/18

- 1.5 hours of training/teamwork each morning

- Monday-Friday

- training starts @ 8:00 a.m eastern

- training done via private chat-room/video chat

- 5 weeks in length

- 37.5 hours of training in total

Joining Fee: $199.99

(comes to $5.30 per hour of training)


Each member receives free 1-hour phone consultation/trading review!

Registration will be limited!