Thank you for downloading The Basics of Options PDF from Week 1 of my upcoming 6 Week Options Trading Course! I hope this leaves you with a solid-understanding of options, the amazing potential they provide, and excited for the upcoming course. 


On 12/10/18, I started a small account with $2,500 to showcase to our group that you do NOT need a big account to make BIG money. As of 1/10/19, that account is creeping towards $10,000+..


The course will officially start on 2/11/18, and is FREE to all members of the Focused Trades Private Group.


If you aren’t yet a member, it only costs $10/month to join, and you will get access to our private training-materials, video-series, trading tools, private live chatroom, our private morning Trade Prep live-streams, and full access to next month’s course and all other upcoming courses in 2019. $10 for 6 weeks of training breaks down to $1.70 per week…. I’ll see you there ;)

Become a member of the group by using the link below, and see the next page for the full course-outline.

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