12 Week LIVE Trading Program

Trade with me LIVE during market-hours as I guide you towards identifying, executing, and profiting on low-risk intra-day strategies

Yesterday, in 45 minutes of trading I profited $1,800+ on just TWO of my setups, that I had planned the night-prior. This evening preparation, and diligently putting together my game plan, is what allows me to prepare, execute, and profit during the first few hours of the session. 

And this is the process I want to share with you. We identify a few key setups in the evening, create our game plan, and simply EXECUTE the next day. Simple. As. That

What's Included?

In my 12 Week LIVE TRADING program, I will teach you the exact day trade setups I look for, how to identify them, how to create a game plan for them, and how to execute on these opportunities while we trade LIVE together! Features include: 

- printable materials for Morning Focus List/Evening Prep/Trade Review

- LIVE trading with me 2/3 times per week (via Skype screen-share)

- Learn how to trade the most powerful periods of the session (first & last 2 hours of the day)

- Learn the Gap Fill trade, Open Level trade, S&R trade, FPB trade, and a few more!

We will plan together

We will execute together

We will profit together


12 Weeks of hands-on training & live trading = $1,000


Here's the deal: if you don't make your $1,000 back + more after our 12 weeks together, you will be issues a full refund. Putting my $ where my mouth is, and truthfully I know we can profit more than $83 per week ;)

(I will be limiting this to TWO people, as I want to give as much attention as possible to the individuals I mentor)

This equates to $83 per week. When you factor-in the amount of hours we will work/trade together, you will not find a more-affordable, in-depth coaching experience. Besides, our trading together will bring in much more than $80 per week for you ;)


Here is a free video that explains the "Gap Fill" setup! Just one of the low-risk, HIGH-reward setups that I would be teaching you to find, prepare, and execute on! Enjoy the video!