1-on-1 Mentoring with TJ

A good mentor can make the seemingly-complicated aspects of trading simple, and drastically shorten your learning-curve! Learn from my 10+ years of experience, avoid the (costly) mistakes I made, and focus-in on what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader! Trading full time from home is a blessing, and I want to guide you towards achieving the same!

Looking to learn the basics of trading stocks & options, or looking to take that leap towards becoming a full-time trader?


I can help!

A good mentor can drastically shorten your learning-curve, allow you to avoid painful mistakes, and progress MUCH quicker than the typical trader figuring things out on there own. I should know!


One of the biggest reasons I am able to generate a 6-figure income from trading, from home, at the age of 25, is because I had two GREAT mentors in this game from Day 1: my father and his partner (almost 50 years of experience between them). I am a result of their hard work, their hard lessons-learned, and the lessons they have given me. And I want to do the same for you!

5 Week 1-on-1 Training Package

Whether you are brand-new to trading, or looking to reach the next-level, I will take you under-my-wing for 5 weeks, and teach you everything you'll need to begin progressing as a trader. When I mentor you, YOU are my focus, and your PROGRESS is my responsibility. 



- 5 weeks of hands-on mentoring

- 2 training sessions per week (scheduled at your convenience, via skype/zoom.

- full access to the private Focused Trades group

- Learn the very basics of trading

- Learn how to open your trading account

- Learn how to read charts, place orders, and exit trades

- Learn the basics of options (what they are, how they work, how to trade them)

- Learn the daily preparation of a pro trader (market-analysis, creating a watch-list, note-taking, etc)

- Learn proper risk-management practices

- Learn BIG PICTURE thinking

-  Learn my personal "Follow the Money" swing-trading strategy (I used this to profit $50k in a few days last November!)

- Learn how to find proper day trade opportunities 

- Learn the 'Opening Level" day trade setup 

- Learn the Gap n Hook day trade setup

- Learn how to create additional sources of income as a trader

- Learn how to become a MASTER of your emotions. 

Cost for 5 Weeks of training = $100

Upon payment, you will immediately receive an email from me with a basic questionnaire so I can get a good idea of your background in trading, experience (you don't need any!), as well as your goals going forward. Then we begin to schedule our sessions and GET TO WORK!

Here is a video of me trading $GS a few days ago, using the Opening-Level day trade setup I'll teach you, for a quick $250 profit in 5 minutes!