Tech and Semi’s Lead into Long Weekend

May 26, 2023

Despite this week’s back-and-forth price action, the market is in good shape for a potential breakout. The S&P 500 (SPX) shows multiple squeezes on daily, 2-day, and weekly time frames. When those come together with a Big 3 buy signal, … Read more Tech and Semi’s Lead into Long Weekend

The Fight Through 4,200

May 22, 2023

The S&P 500 (SPX) continues to trade around the $4,200 resistance level. On Monday, SPX approached $4,200 but failed to break through it at the close. The daily bull squeeze officially fired long on Monday with Big 3 buy signals … Read more The Fight Through 4,200

Will The Bulls Push Us Higher?

May 19, 2023

It was an action-packed week for the market. We had Options Expiration (OPEX) on Friday, and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell spoke. On Wednesday, I took a call debit spread with my Compounding Growth Mastery members on NFLX (Netflix). The … Read more Will The Bulls Push Us Higher?

Nested Squeeze Setup: NFLX

May 16, 2023

We closed out of our recent nested squeeze setup we reviewed last week on LRCX. Now there’s a potential nested squeeze setup on Netflix (NFLX). The nested squeeze has become my major focus lately. I’m narrowing down my focus to … Read more Nested Squeeze Setup: NFLX

Making 70% on $AMZN in 3 Days

May 12, 2023

Our stock pick on Amazon (AMZN) unfolded perfectly this week. Last Friday, AMZN showed a nested squeeze, and my Big 3 indicator confirmed a potential push higher. On Monday, we bought calls for next Friday’s expiration in the Compounding Growth … Read more Making 70% on $AMZN in 3 Days

Two ‘If This, Then That’ Trade Setups

May 8, 2023

There are two trade setups I’m keeping an eye on this week, but there is one kicker. The Nasdaq (QQQ) must break out for these ideas to work. The QQQ daily chart has a squeeze on the daily chart and … Read more Two ‘If This, Then That’ Trade Setups

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