Strong + Extended

July 8, 2024

Despite a lack of sell signals, the markets find themselves hitting major upside extensions across the larger time frames. Could there be room for more upside? Let’s take a look. Stay Focused, Taylor Horton Check out my free webinar where … Read more

Rinse + Repeat Setups

July 3, 2024

Despite it being a short week, we were able to take some profits on $MSFT and $TMS this morning in the Compounding Growth Mastery, bringing my win rate with these “A+ squeezes” to 85%. Let’s review these closed trades, along … Read more

4 Hour Squeezes

July 1, 2024

Though it’s a short week given the holiday, there is always the potential for some profitable moves. Let’s review some of the 4-hour Big 3 Squeezes that we’re currently keeping an eye on in the Compounding Growth Mastery room. Stay … Read more

One Setup = +80% Win Rate

June 28, 2024

We had some great trades in the Compounding Growth Mastery room this week trading my “white dot” setup.  At the moment, my win rate on these A+ squeezes is just over +80%. Let’s review a few trades from this week! … Read more

Key Levels + Key Stocks

June 24, 2024

Selling in names like $SMH and $NVDA held the rest of the markets back today. With closes near key levels of support, could tomorrow see a bounce? Let’s discuss and review of few A+ squeezes. Learn more about my A+ … Read more

White Dot Super Squeezes

June 21, 2024

 Heading into next week, there’s a few setups printing my new “white dots”, telling me that we have A+ “super squeezes” setting up. Let’s review a few that could be poised for action next week. Stay Focused, Taylor Horton Learn … Read more

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