Strong + Extended

July 8, 2024

Despite a lack of sell signals, the markets find themselves hitting major upside extensions across the larger time frames. Could there be room for more upside? Let’s take a look. Stay Focused, Taylor Horton Check out my free webinar where … Read more

Rinse + Repeat Setups

July 3, 2024

Despite it being a short week, we were able to take some profits on $MSFT and $TMS this morning in the Compounding Growth Mastery, bringing my win rate with these “A+ squeezes” to 85%. Let’s review these closed trades, along … Read more

4 Hour Squeezes

July 1, 2024

Though it’s a short week given the holiday, there is always the potential for some profitable moves. Let’s review some of the 4-hour Big 3 Squeezes that we’re currently keeping an eye on in the Compounding Growth Mastery room. Stay … Read more

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