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Simpler Day Trading Membership

Discover the day trading strategies used by Chandler and the rest of Simpler Trading's most successful day traders.

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Options Gold Membership

Watch Taylor and Chandler Trade Live Monday through Friday in Simpler Options Gold.

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Compounding Growth Mastery

Join Taylor's Mastery program for real-time trade alerts using Taylor's simple setup to exponentially grow your account over time. Target consistent gains on a weekly (and monthly) basis to ensure that your capital increases. Also enjoy monthly, interactive live-trading sessions with Taylor Horton and keep track with a consistently updated trading spreadsheet.

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Class Curriculum

Max Out Your Trade

Discover Chandler’s options trading strategy for taking advantage of explosive moves in any market condition. “Max-Out Your Trade” helps you discover a complete short-term trading system that leverages options for high-percent returns while maintaining effective risk management.

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Compounding Growth Technique

Taylor Horton shares his strategy that has allowed him to generate consistent profits and grow his account exponentially over time. Learn the power of compounding interest using Taylor's simple-to-follow checklist.

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Options Scalping Secrets

Learn how Chandler doubles his gains in minutes with a formula designed to target precise entries even in wild market conditions. Unlock the “Options Scalping Secrets” and learn how to avoid getting sidelined by choppy market conditions.

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Favorite Indicators

Squeeze Pro
Taylor uses the squeeze pro to identify the moment in time when a stock is building up energy, preparing for a potentially bigger-than-expected move. The pro version of the squeeze allows him to gauge whether a stock is in a low, mid, or high-compression squeeze, and He utilizes the histogram to identify whether or not energy is increasing or decreasing in the direction he’s looking to trade the stock.


Simpler Trading Scanner
The scanner is great for finding examples of squeezes that meet Taylor and Chandler's personal criteria of a “clean” setup. This allows them to focus solely on setups where the probabilities of profit are stacked in their favor, and these are the kinds of setups they've built their careers around.