The Right Trade for the Environment

March 19, 2021

Quarterly expiration week is finally over! As it tends to, this week was nothing but a total chop fest of ups and downs that ultimately brought the market nowhere. For those unwilling to resist the temptation to chase directional trades, … Read more

Finding a Happy Balance

March 17, 2021

To say this week has felt like watching paint dry would be an understatement! As we covered in Sunday’s newsletter, quarterly expiration week tends to be a choppy one, and this week isn’t turning out to be any different.   In … Read more

Taking What the Market Has to Offer

March 14, 2021

A good basketball player has the skill set to do many things, but the discipline and flexibility to take what the defense is giving them. As traders, we must approach this game with the same mindset. We want to develop … Read more

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