ES Futures Intraday Game Plan

February 26, 2024

The lower timeframes are leaning more bearish, with Big 3 Sell Signals on the /ES hourly chart. Watch the smaller Big 3 Squeezes, like on the 5-minute chart, as it could start a domino effect and trigger higher timeframes like … Read more

Closer to the End?

February 23, 2024

With $SPX hitting the $5,100 upside target today, will things finally start pulling back from here? While it is possible, the monthly Big 3 squeeze may have some unfinished business to do. Let’s take a look. (Apologies for the froggy … Read more

Squeezes for the Week Ahead

February 16, 2024

Despite the markets being overbought, some setups should perform well if the strength can continue for a bit longer. The Big 3 Squeeze shows squeezes on multiple names, such as $NVDA (Nvidia) and $MSFT (Microsoft). Let’s review our game plan … Read more

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