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TTM Squeeze: Pre-Market Watch List (High Comp Squeezes = Flush Lower?) | Taylor Horton

Ahead of the open, I take my Big 3 Indicator and review some high-compression squeezes on a few names.  Most of the time, high compression squeezes fire short; let’s see…

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Daily Trade Recap: Long $QQQ 📈 (Slingshot Squeeze)

With a break of the lows followed by a bounce above support, the 4 hour charts are setting up for a “slingshot squeeze” to the upside. Here’s the trades we…

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BIG Squeezes in the Futures: Sell Signals + the ATR Trailing Stop

After the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report, the market popped towards our target, the ATR trailing stop. Let’s see if the weekly squeeze will finally fire soon and lead the…

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