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New Big 3 Squeeze Indicator & Setups

In today’s video, I give a sneak peek into my new Big 3 Squeeze indicator. It’s almost ready for release, stay tuned for more information on the Big 3 Squeeze…

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Big 3 Squeeze: Swing Setups in $SHOP, $ZM, $TSLA, $SPX

  The goal with having my Big 3 Indicator and signals, plus using the squeeze, is to try and find the moment where everything is locked and loaded. That is…

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“Big 3” Squeeze Watch List: $TSLA, $NFLX, $AAPL | Taylor Horton

The market is looking weak with signs from the dollar ($DXY) and bods ($HYG) showing more bearish momentum that could impact the market. As semiconductors and technology continue to lead…

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