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Day Trading the FANG Stocks: Big 3 Squeeze Radar

I’ve found that the best opportunities have been on small time frames, so I’ve shifted my focus to day trading until the market gets friendlier for swing trading. In this…

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Is Gold Ready to Explode? (Trading Squeezes + Big 3 Buy Signals)

The Big 3 indicator shows signs that gold is going to explode It was an eventful market day. Jerome Powell spoke at the Federal Market Open Committee (FOMC) meeting, causing…

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THE BIG 3 INDICATORS: Buy + Sell Signals, Heatmap, Histogram + Scans | Overview with Taylor Horton

The Big 3 Indicator update is here! All updates have been made for ThinkorSwim and Tradingview; please email [email protected] if you have not received the email update. In this video,…

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